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Review: Justice League Crisis On Two Earths

A heroic version of Lex Luthor from an alternate universe appears to recruit the Justice League to help save his Earth from the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the League. What ensues is the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a war that threatens both planets and, through a devious plan launched by Batman’s counterpart Owlman, puts the balance of all existence in peril.

I read the novels of Crisis On Two Earths, Infinite Crisis, and 52 which are all put together from the original comic stories. So the I knew the premise of this animated movie and I had high expectations. The look and feel of the characters is somewhat built on the animated show Justice League and Justice League Unlimited which looks very nice but I wanted more for an animated movie such as this. There is so much to this story they had a lot that they can work with but they took a bit a simpler route since the story could get real complex. The action was fast paced and lots of fun, it wasn’t what I expecting but some good twists and great fight scenes. Its always fun to see how different super heroes fight, and for an animated movie its pretty good but could have been much better.

Link: IMDB