Wheel Clamp


This is just ridiculous, I got a clamp on my tire when I stepped out of the car for exactly 3 mins, I walked in to get measurements for a dishdasha and walked back and saw the cop running away. He was literally running away to his car, even when I called out to him he looked back and jumped in the Ford Excursion and took off. I was in the city by a street called Salhiya Street which is close to where the old Samsung store is now called Centro, there is also a Casio store there, just opposite the tall communications tower (Burj Al Tahreer). When I was looking for parking I circled the area twice looking for parking with nothing available, so instead of blocking traffic I decided to park on the sidewalk thinking that I wouldn’t be too long and I was out quick to see that scene.

I could understand the fine, and I will pay it as I was parked illegally but so was 30 cars behind me which turned the road into a one lane road instead of two and lanes and some parking. Now why do they have to inconvenience people to get the clamp off, and the correct process to get it done is very annoying. You have to wait for Ministery of Interior office to go pay the bill their which is only open in the morning, then you have to wait for the guy to unlock the clamp which can take anywhere between 2 hours to the next day which you will not know. I called a few people and got someone to help me out and told me to sit tight, I had the car on and I was listening to music and bbming people. I was honestly not in a bad mood but it was a waste of time. He called back and said a police car will be back in 10 mins, he even knew the details of my car from what they were told. Now I have been through the legal process of the clamp, and it isn’t a deterrent from parking illegally. In the states I made the the mistake of parking in a handicap spot when I first move there and cop came over and gave me a $360 ticket and I never parked in a handicap spot ever again, I even when to the judge to make the payment over installments which they were more then happy to do. In this case it was a 5KD fine and the police car came after 65 minutes while I had the car on and sitting inside having a conversation with a friend on the phone. And I continued on my way and thanked him for opening even though it was the guy who ran off earlier. I was fine but it looked like he was walking the walk of shame for some reason, maybe because he was called back to unlock it. I’m lucky who called a friend but what about people who can resolve this quickly, give a simple quicker process but for a higher fee and people will pay. I don’t blame the police but the law that does not make any sense instead of motivating people to go about it the right way and the other matter is the nonexistence of parking in the city but thats another issue.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. JoJo

    That is why I always use my bike in the city.You should do the same !!

  2. Oops…sorry for the multiple posts…it was showing an error here. Apologies again!

  3. Anonymous

    Fuck you for parking in a handicapped zone.

  4. Kuwaity

    Honestly you should not park if there is no parking.

    So use the bike the weather is still ok.
    Last year I went to take my dishdashas in Kuwait city on my bike which was a very easy thing :)

  5. all this frustration to make you learn the lesson and never park in a “non-parking” space

  6. meh

    Well………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..your frustration and annoyance is out of place………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..You broke the law.Period.

  7. yeah, Imma have to go with the rest of the guys here: you broke the law. end of story.

  8. Hamad

    You were illegally parked and got clamped down! What are you complaining about?????? Next time, you should consider parking legally!

  9. jaja

    I would assume you were the first or the last car of the whole line? Because usually that’s how it happens, they fine/clamp/whatever the first and last car of the line and forget about the others. Now you are guilty as charged, no body would argue about that, but so were the 823472929 cars behind/after you.

  10. bood – Loool!

    Jojo – I wasn’t going to get on a superbike with a dishdasha!

    Paul – No problem! Getting towed is even worse, its a real headache

    Anonymous – Seems you didn’t read what I wrote, your thinking is too small! lol

    Kuwaity – I need to take the measurements while I was wearing the dishdasha, so a bike wasn’t an option!

    Vampire – Mishkila! Where to park!

    meh – I’m not complaining about breaking the law, I’m complaining about the application of the law, increase the fine it will pinch more then just a clamp. Secondly there was no parking anywhere in that area. Same I think they should make 100 KD fines for people parking in handicapped parking, that will teach people not to park in handicapped parking. I’m fine with the parking fine, that I should get and agree but the process for the clamp is bad for people.

    Q80thug – I’m not complaining about breaking the law, I agree with it! I’m just saying what is more effective as to ditter people from parkign illegaly! Give out bigger fines rather the clamp, a 5 KD fine is not going to stop me. I used to pay for parking fees of this amount in different cities.

    Hamad – Like I said, I’m complaining about the process and application of the law! I agree that people should be fined! I tried parking legally, but don’t tell me you never parked illegaly when there was no parking! Also I was the only one clamped from all the other cars! Maybe my luck, but the application of the law is wrong!

    jaja – you are correct! Exactly! That is what I am talking about! Give out fines, I don’t mind the fine but what about the ridiculousness of the clamp!

  11. jaja

    Just to save your self all the hassle of calling people, if you come into the same situation where you have no other choice but to park illegally (not the handicapped though, i’d never do it), just squeeze your self in the middle, don’t be the first or the last, not even the second, since the first may leave and you will end up getting a fine again.

    This way, and without staying for too long, you most likely won’t get a fine let alone a clamp.

  12. JoJo

    LoooL ,,, are you taking your measurements or those of the Dishdash ? If taking your measurements then it is not important what you wear !! If u taking the measurements of the dishdasha then you could have bundled it up & taken it with you on the bike !!!!

    & btw many times I have seen a guy ridding his BMW C1 with full dishdasha,Ghutra & 3qal ,,, so get yourself one of those for in town ridding with National dress .

  13. Only 5K.D.! A clamp used to be 50-200KD at one point. Traffic police fines under recession too?

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