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Shaolin – Trailer – Benny Chan

China is plunged into strife as feuding warlords try to expand their power by warring over neighboring lands. Fuelled by his success on the battlefield, young and arrogant Hao Jie sneers at Shaolin’s masters when he beats one of them in a duel. But the pride comes before a fall. When his own family is wiped out by a rival warlord, Hao is forced to take refuge with the monks. As the civil unrest spreads and the people suffer, Hao and the Shaolin masters are forced to take a fiery stand against the evil warlords. They launch a daring plan to rescue and escape.

Now this is an interesting movie with a bunch of good actors, no clue about the subbing of the movie yet since it hasn’t been released but I love Shoalin movies. This type of martial arts versus those army brats who think they are better with a very deep story, how could it not be good. From the trailer I can tell a few things but still a bit confusing, I can’t wait to get this movie.

Link: TwitchFilm