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Used Books


A few different book piles here and there, some I have gone through and a lot I haven’t but now the problem I have is the pile of books that I have read. There are a lot of books that I want to keep and a few I don’t want to keep anymore. The thing is I will never throw books away even if I don’t want them anymore, usually in the states I used to trade them in at the bookstore or I give them away to a used book store or someone that can make use of it.

I haven’t found a place such as this in Kuwait, I have looked around a bit but not sure where to look exactly. I want to give the books away but I’m not sure if they would be appropriate in a public library, or how well they would be treated in the English section. I just want to give them away to a place that could make use of them or sell them, some are reference books and some are fiction & non-fiction books. Anyone found a used book store that would take books?