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A few different book piles here and there, some I have gone through and a lot I haven’t but now the problem I have is the pile of books that I have read. There are a lot of books that I want to keep and a few I don’t want to keep anymore. The thing is I will never throw books away even if I don’t want them anymore, usually in the states I used to trade them in at the bookstore or I give them away to a used book store or someone that can make use of it.

I haven’t found a place such as this in Kuwait, I have looked around a bit but not sure where to look exactly. I want to give the books away but I’m not sure if they would be appropriate in a public library, or how well they would be treated in the English section. I just want to give them away to a place that could make use of them or sell them, some are reference books and some are fiction & non-fiction books. Anyone found a used book store that would take books?

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  1. instantcravings

    Looks like the only folks who do are

    They have a store on the first floor of Salhiya complex. But please be sure to call and confirm if they’re buying now. Last time I checked they were short on storage space and had stopped buying temporarily.

  3. halahal

    it’s the mezzanine floor of salaam tower…not salhiya..

  4. e7mood

    daar dawod one of the best second hand book store in kuwait, its it lembarikya next to mojawharat el fares

  5. If you can issue out a list with original prices, maybe we can bid?

  6. Khaled


    I know LoYAC collected our books for donation to K4K ( Kuwait For Kenya ) project were few Kuwaiti kids actually went to Kenya and helped out. Give a call if interested.

  7. Halahal – Thanks contacted them and drop off a huge amount of books. Yup its at Al Salaam Tower

    instantcravings – Thanks, yeah it seems like it

    Mathai – I gave it to them! Thanks!

    e7mood – I never knew a place like that existed and I don’t think I would find it. I gave my books to Q8books, but I would be curious to see this place, do you have a phone number by any chance

    Akbar – That would be too much, too bad we don’t have an ebay working here. I honestly wanted to give the books to someone that could make use of them instead of them laying around

    Khaled – I didn’t know about that, I will call to see about even though I already gave teh books to Q8books

  8. Books?!? pfffff, I take my information by plugging-in my brain to my PC matrix style :D

  9. e7mood

    yaah i use to go there all the time ayam el jam3aa…. 22404092

  10. Thank you for this post, Marzouq. I had no idea about these places. Will check them out soon.

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