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Windshield Cracks


As a lady was driving in front of me the other day, she drove on to the emergency lane to get in front of traffic, at that very moment a nice round rock went flying at my windshield. It hit the bottom right corner exactly which produced a nice juicy crack across my windshield. I want to scream from my car and throw something at her, but by then she was already a long way down the emergency lane.

The crack was right in the middle of my line of site, it even refracted light at a strange angle. I knew I would have to change it, so I went to insurance, they said to change it at Al Mailam, which costs 30-40 KD. I refused and argued with them to have them accept the cost of changing at Toyota for 270 KD.

One of the few parts which is expensive at Toyota is the windshield, even the bumper is 45 KD. The reason for that is the quality of the glass and how it protects the occupants from flying objects and how it reacts.

People would personally just pay for the 40 KD windshield thinking its the same, but its not. I have tried them before and quality isn’t even half as good. Its not he same thickness, doesn’t fit 100%, rust can enter the area around the windshield since its not the same fit even with silicon meant to hold it in place and when its hit by an object, it definitely doesn’t protect in the same manner. The risk factor is your safety versus cost, and in my mind thats a no brainer.