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Protection @ HuperOptik

I had my car worked on recently with a few modifications, and they repainted a part of the car so I no longer had any protection up front. So I decided to get it done at HuperOptik since they did a great job last time, and a the protection on the Landcruiser is holding up to the beating of roads across Saudi and other baren countries. Dropped off the car in the afternoon, they were working on a few cars and one more was outside.

There was one Porsche Panamera S being worked on for tint and protection, they were done with the tint and installing the protection at the time. This is the first time I see a Panemera up close and I kind of like it but really don’t like the rear of the car, the interior looks amazing though. I could tell it belonged to woman because it had a lot of jingly items inside the car, and some pink ribbons. They were also doing tint and protection on a Ferrari California, I really love the look of this car, they were installing protection at the time when I dropped off the car. The reason I like taking my car back to them isn’t just about the product but about the way they handle the work on the car, making sure to cover all the sensitive areas, and the difficult part on my hood is working on the carbon fiber which requires a sensitive touch. I was told to pick up my car the next day at 6 pm, which isn’t too bad.