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So You Think You Can Laugh

Maz Jobrani

I used to go to comedy shows on a weekly basis in the states or whenever we can, there are always new up and coming comedians who take the stage and make you laugh. A few years ago we had Axis of Evil come to Kuwait and everyone loved it, the show was completely sold out, the guys were fantastic. Coming back after a few years are Maz Jobrani and Ahmed Ahmed in the new show “You Think You Can Laugh”. The two you additions to the show are Dean Edwards and Sugar Sammy, I haven’t heard of them before but I knew it was going to be good. We took the VIP tickets for 40 KD which were very much worth it, just close enough you can see them and their facial expressions, just far enough so they won’t target you. The people who brought this comedy group to Kuwait again is called Element 8, they did an amazing job the first time around, and this time they brought this great comedy line up to Kuwait.

Dean Edwards

The show started off with Ahmed Ahmed who was introducing people and warming up the crowd, he did a fantastic job breaking the ice and funny as usual. Then there was Sugar Sammy who is probably one of the funniest guys I have seen yet, he is Indian and he left no topic untouched I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my seat. Dean Edwards was the third guy up and this guy was a bundle of energy, he was amazing, he was singing like Michael Jackson, impersonating Eddy Murphy, copying Chris Rock and he was all over the place it was fantastic, he just wouldn’t stop. Then Maz Jobrani comes on and takes the crowd away, it was hilarious and he just wouldn’t stop about Arabs and Persians. The best out of the four in my opinion was Sugar Sammy, and I loved Dean Edwards I just couldn’t stop laughing. The show was fantastic, the two hours flew by so quick we all wanted more. Honestly they should have more comedy shows in Kuwait they would sell out all the time, people love it and their is an acceptance for it, we are starving for good shows such as these, my hat goes off to Element 8 for putting this together.

Ahmed Ahmed

Sugar Sammy