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Chamber of Commerce Elections

Wednesday was the elections of the Chambers of Commerce and what a long day it was, up at 6 am and at the location by 7:30 am. I wasn’t thinking about food but about getting people to vote, those who can vote to make sure their permits were in order. The best part about this whole event is the support of family and friends, staying with you from morning until night. There were a swarm of people, lots of product support from Petra to KDD, from Cola to RC Cola, and then all the shawarma and saj stands throughout the day, food seems to be a prime attraction for a lot of people. I preferred not to eat most of the day and remained on my feet, my mistake was running around in sandals, but at around 3:00pm I went home showered and changed, then headed back but this time in sneakers.

Lots of people were coming and going, once they vote they head out, but you tend to see a lot of people which is great. This time the Chamber of Commerce did an amazing job organizing, the police did a fantastic job organizing as well. A lot of the police who were involved were high ranking officers who were very supportive and respectful which was fantastic. The whole day was exhausting but fantastic, the best part is that this is the first time a female candidate runs for the Chamber of Commerce in any Arab Country and she won, I was happy that she made it to the Chamber of Commerce, we were also lucky that this year is the toughest year in comparison to the others. The one thing which made the night shorter was that the vote count was an automated system which they used unlike last time, they counted over 6200 votes in less then 50 minutes when last time it lasted over 10 hours.