Sony & Ericsson Split


Now this is a shocker, Sony Ericsson became synonymous with phones, I can only remember back in the late 90s and early 2000 when I had a few Ericsson phones then the joint venture took place and I don’t remember as anything else but Sony Ericsson. Its no secret that I’m a huge fan of Sony Ericsson, because they built quality phones which didn’t have too many software bugs and could survive a major beating. I switch from Nokia a little while back and loved the phone. Now this major surprise is a shock, they will cease operations in four months and all employees will be distributed between Sony and Ericsson. It seems the recession hit them hard as well and they couldn’t get out of it.

Sony Ericsson CEO, Bert Nordberg, says: “We truly did believe in the vision that was Sony Ericsson, we had an ambition to rise to the top, but sadly, our way towards there has been hampered in numerous ways during the past few years, both financially and strategically. We are saddened to announce that our parent companies, Sony and Ericsson have decided to quit the joint venture and put its reinstatement on hold indefinitely.”

Link: SEBlog

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  1. I really loved SonyEricsson, but this might be a move from Sony so that they can release the rumored PSP-Phone don’t you think?

  2. )Y(

    ITS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE, go to the SEBLOG link and click on their source, it says “April Fools”

  3. meh

    yup 3alek wa7ed

  4. fadibou

    Imagine if No and Kia split!!!

  5. April Fools’ thing…
    LOL @ fadibou’s comment

  6. too bad..some of my friends really love sony erricson

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