3 in 1 Day


After a long week and one annoying meeting I had to attend in Dubai, I decided to take one small break which would take place on Friday. Met up with my cousin in Dubai while he was there with his family we decided to have a movie day on Friday, all day. Came in late Thursday night, the plane to Dubai was packed and so was the plane to Beirut, in the Wataniya Airways Lounge in Kuwait I kept saying hello to people. As soon as I landed I headed straight to The Address Downtown Dubai, which was also filled with Kuwaities. Had a light dinner and passed out, I knew I had a lot I wanted to do the next day.

We had a full day planned out which worked out perfectly, I wanted to try out the Chinese Restaurant in The Address called HAKUMU but I didn’t have a chance

Simple Full Day:

  • 2:00 pm Fat Burger Lunch
  • Walking Around
  • 3:40 pm Green Zone – Platinum Cinema
  • Going to Bookstore then Walking Around
  • 6:45 pm Shutter Island
  • 9:30 pm Dinner @ Japengo
  • 11:10 pm Avatar (For the second time and loved it)

I tried sticking to the diet, I had just a little too much food but didn’t have any soda. I will make up for this week but taking a break one day isn’t bad. After all that we passed out around 3:30 am but a very satisfying and fun day, we never had to leave the mall.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Khaled

    all these cinemas in Kuwait , you go to Dubai & end up going to 3 movies in one day ?? Must be nice

  2. I hate their cinemas

    everybody talks when the movie is showing!! I went to two movies in Dubai and everybody was just talking loudly! especially those indians kanaw y3alqoon o yith7ikoon ib soot 3aali o shakilhom mit3awdeen o ma7ad ykalimhom cuz i saw this twice..and when we booked our seats o dakhalna wella kil min yig3ad 3ala kaifa! loooooooool

    didnt like it

  3. The Address (Dubai Mall) turned out better than I thought. We tried out their presidential suite which overlooked the dancing fountain; festive every single evening.

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