Cinema VIP Theaters

Watching movies is one of my favorite past times, all kinds of movies, there is no question that I like going to the movie theaters to see some amazing movies. At times I want to go watch those movies at the VIP section which might have more comfortable seats or better sound or more secluded then other theaters. I have tried a few theaters in the Middle East and Europe, but for Middle East I wanted to do a ranking and the reasons why each one is good or could be improved

Cinema VIP Theater Ranking(Out of 10):

  • Reel Cinemas (9)
  • Cinestar Dubai (8)
  • Cinescape KNCC (6)

Reel Cinemas

  • Best Service
  • Comfortable Large Lazy Boy Chairs
  • Electronic Chair Controls
  • The Chair Extends All The Way To Be Flat
  • Button To Call For Service (Actually Works)
  • Chairs Vibrate With The Effects which is fantastic
  • Very Large Screen and State of the Art Theater Sound System

Cinestar Dubai

  • More food selection
  • Comfortable Large Lazy Boy Chairs
  • Manual Chair Controls
  • The Chair Extends all the way to be flat, but requires an extra push
  • Button to Call for Service but its always broken
  • Very Large Screen with Decent Sound

Cinescape KNCC

  • Stiff Leather Seats, comfortable but after a while feels uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t lean back all the way so you don’t feel as comfortable
  • Electronic Seats which are good
  • The Screen for the VIP is very small
  • The sound is only good for the people sitting in the middle row, the edge seats don’t have good sound at all
  • The food is stale and usually pretty bad, sad excuse for popcorn

Overall between all the cinemas Reel Cinemas is fantastic and I still enjoy Cinestar Dubai, but with Cinestar KNCC I prefer to go to the regular cinema because of the much larger screen and better screen, the VIP I go to if I don’t want to be bother by the crowd.

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  1. KA fan

    So Kuwait VIP cinemas is just a rip-off?

  2. Considering how butchered the movies are here, bad food, lousy screening and audio surround system – yes it is very much a rip-off (and not only the VIP cinema).

  3. lello

    i love cinemas i dont care for chairs or screen size

  4. v.i.p

    Hi there. I booked tickets for transformers3 & this is my first time in Avenues VIP theatre. I have been checking around in blogs for any reviews abt this theatre. Luckily found yours & after reading this I’m having 2nd thoughts if I should cancel it now..
    Is it worth watching transformers here? ( with the screen size being small? )

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