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Better Off Ted – The End


From turning co-workers into human popsicles to converting ordinary fruit into a military weapon, nothing is off limits at the company depicted in this satire. Better Off Ted gives us a birds eye view into the clockworks of a soulless corporation, Veridian Dynamics. As the corporation makes technological advancements, morals and human rights are heavily neglected. Don’t drop your kids off at the Veridian daycare, unless you don’t mind them doubling as janitors!

I tend to love corporate humor and too bad this is the end of the show, no longer renewed for another season. At least season 2 ended with a bang, they took a lot of risks but made the story that much more interesting. Veridian Dynamics is one messed up company turning every idea into a weapon and treating their employees like machines, Ted is there to make the company happy with all the new products but also make sure the employees feel loved and don’t breakdown. So many different angles and funny characters, I love how Veronica is the riduclously powerful woman who thinks people are only useful at work and they should make the company more successful. The story developed more in season 2 between all the characters not just revolving on Ted, and there was a lot more to be seen but too bad it ended, but for those who haven’t seen it its a comedy really worth watching and very entertaining.