Out For a Ride

I have been wanting to ride for a few weeks now, I have had a strange build up of energy and I needed to ride. I haven’t had a chance, things keep popping up and I kept making excuses. After work I told my family I’m heading out changed, got on the Ducati and took off like a bat out of hell. I didn’t care that it was a bit hot, but it was cool enough that I could keep my legs from burning if I’m on the move. I had an updated iPod and some good music to listen too, I took the seaside from Bida’a all the way to the first ring road.

I was riding a bit aggressively and I knew it, I just had this hunger for riding and I wanted to feel every rev and I could feel every time I was pushing my luck and my heart would thump hard. I tried to calm down and be sensible but there isn’t too much sensibility with powerful V-Twin and thrill hungry rider. After a while I got most of it out of my system and I was enjoying the smooth curves and traffic was picking up. I headed to Shuweikh for a quick test drive but that’s another story but that was a lot of fun. Riding is like rediscovering a side of you, something focused, fast thinking, and I was really concentrating. I wanted to ride by myself so I could ride the way I wanted, slow when I wanted and insanely fast at other times. I got home relaxed and happy I got it out of me, but I want to ride again and soon, this heat is creeping up on us very quickly.

(All pictures taken with the Google Nexus One)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. KuwaitQ

    Great post,
    keep um comin

  2. BuJasim

    nice write up… makes me wanna get out right now!!! drive safe, amazing bike btw

  3. That’s a joke right? “Pics taken by Google Nexus One”?

  4. bullet

    nice pics…but seriously from nexus one???? anyhooooo take extremely care when u ride a bike…

  5. Ahmed

    what did you test drive :)

  6. @KuwaitQ – Will Do!

    @BuJasim – Thanks! I try to ride safe but that day I just couldn’t!

    @Pisces Chick – Thanks :D

    @Kuwait – No Joke! Google Nexus One!

    @bullet – Yup! from the Nexus One!

    @Ahmed – That is another story, I want to do the write up justice!

  7. Ahmed

    i cant wait to see that one ;)

  8. Love the pics. The weather is great these days and you’re right of course about it changing soon. Enjoy every minute (and rev) :)

  9. Ahmed

    Miss Good Egg, ride a vespa :P

  10. Kuwaity

    You’re always busy and you are riding your bike! You know what I had only one chance to ride my Bike for 30 min in the last 6 months! I can’t believe that my 45-day vacation just ended this week and I’m back to work.
    Who is busy now ;)

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