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Picaboo PhotoAlbum


Sorting through pictures is a bit of a hassle for me, I need to use Picassa some time soon but I don’t even have all my pictures in one location. I take a lot of pictures and not all of them are that good, and sometimes I find old pictures that I wanted framed or events that I want to remember, then I stop my process of organizing and laugh at some of the pictures and remember the fun times. Sometimes one picture isn’t enough you want a bunch, then I get too lazy and stop the whole process and forget about it. So after seeing a few pictures I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them, kept searching online until I came across this site, there are lots of websites which do wonders with your pictures, but I liked the way they would take your pictures and integrate them into a photo album in any way you want and pictures of different sizes and qualities. They range from $10 to $350 and you can still customize even more, I really liked the Flush One which is starting at $350 and the quality is very high you can see from all the pictures online. they have different kinds, ranging from paper, to leather, to plastic, and different styles.

Link: Picaboo

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