Pinkberry Visit

This is turning into a weekly ritual, a bite to eat at the French restaurant then a walk across the large hall over to Pinkberry. There was a small line as usual, they just aren’t effecient about the process of putting orders together and the toppings. They introduced chocolate as the new flavor at Pinkberry this week, we tried a sample and it tasted off, not as good as Pomegranate and Original.

I had my usual small original on Friday as the treat of the week and it was perfect. Nice and cold, a fresh taste for the day, just the right amount of sweetness. Both the pomegranate and original yoghurt ice cream tastes good, the perfect start to the afternoon then I headed out to the barder for the perfect shave.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DG

    Alif 3afya! The shots are so tempting!<3

    I SO wanan try ut; never have, the pomegranante sounds good.

    "afternoon then I headed out to the barder for the perfect shave." <<< I think you meant "barber" here. =P

  2. DG

    I mean *wanna” and *it*, lool typos

  3. Rolo

    pinkberry icy yogurt is good but i love napket more for four reasons the taste is between sour and sweet, cheaper, generous portion & cheaper.

  4. anishjames

    congratulations for the successful buissness victory of pinkberry because within a short period u r going to open the third store………try to keep the happinesss of the customer for ever

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