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Review: Repo Man

Working for the Union as a Repo Man is a very simple job, if people don’t make their payments you take back what they bought. In this case what they buy are organs to keep them alive longer or replace a problematic organ. Remy (Jude Law) is the best of the best, cleanly taking out organs and bringing them back to be resold. An interesting story with an interesting twist towards the middle, Jude Law play an interesting character, a clean cut repo man. He ends up with an artificial heart because of an incident, now he has to pay the Union like everyone else. The movie has some very interesting twists and lots of action, a lot of fun. But watching in Kuwait wouldn’t be advisable since they butcher the movie to the point that you don’t know whats going on at times, things just don’t come together. I can understand sex scenes being cut but the amount that was cut was ridiculous, this movie isn’t a porno its an action thriller. Overall I liked the movie, probably going to see it again once I have a normal version but I wouldn’t watch it in Kuwait.

Link: IMDB