Minutes @ KNCC


After watching the last movie, Repo Man, at cinescape I wanted to check the online runtime compared to the KNCC runtime and they were identical. It looks like KNCC caught on to people comparing times and telling if the movie is butchered or not. People walked out of Date Time with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey saying that 50% of the movie was missing, it was probably an hour and five minutes no more then that.

Again I go back to my simple rule, if there is a movie you want to see try watching it else where, except if its an animated movie there would be little to cut then you can watch it in Kuwait. These movies were butchered to the point one lost you and the other was a jump between images with 50% of it gone.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. KNCC are retarded, why bring these movies to start? just get all the PG ones and everyone will be happy


  2. jaja

    Boycotted KNCC for a year+ now, not gonna waste my time with a company that won’t waste its time to provide us full-length un-butchered movies. uTorrent and ODEON are my good friends currently.

  3. We need a competing cinema company in Kuwait! Then we should see a difference.

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