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How to decide what helmet to get. If you talk to any person who rides motorcycles they always have a favorite which they usually stick to. You want to make sure whats on your head is going to protect you at the time you take a fall, you also want it to be comfortable. Keep in mind that I wear my helmet in the heat and most times, you want the material inside the helmet to be comfortable and doesn’t cause your skin to be irritated.

How to Pick a Helmet:

  • Comfort (head fit, and shape)
  • Comfort (helmet lining)
  • Price
  • Look
  • Racer Afiliation


My most preferred brand based on comfort when wearing them for long periods, and the results when I had a few mishaps and my head is one piece. At the top is Arai, then Scorpion, and also Shoei at the top of the list. Really hot helmets, that protect your head while making you feel comfortable and you look good.


  • Arai
  • Shoie
  • Scorpion
  • Soumoy
  • AGV
  • KBC
  • HJC
  • Bell
  • BMW
  • Icon

Where to Buy Helmets Online:

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  1. Sarah

    I say always go for the prettiest helmet. Its a rare accessorising opportunity for you boys.

  2. Mohammed

    Marzooq Try Roof Helmet i wear it for my V-rod very comfy i just took it for a ride to khobar “4 hours non-stop”

    BTW they are sexy looking

  3. Bader

    I think you forgot safety man. I’ve used Soumoy before and I can vouch for them. Had a few close calls. I slammed my head on the side walk one time while flipping over.

  4. Bader

    Sarah, when your flipping over at around 100kmph, pretty is the last thing you think about.

  5. khaled

    Any helmet you buy must be approved by a standard like EC or Snell. That gives u minimum safety requirement. Then you go higher by brand for extra comfort & other features.Arai also provides US $ 5000000 insurance on each helmet in case you get enjoured becasuse of the helmet.

    Why go on line when most reputable brands are available in Kuwiat ?? ARAI BMW ( u can have it now with 4 way bluetooth system ) Caberg r available at TriStar . Soumoy with Honda dealer etc

  6. @Sarah – I wish it was that simple! hehe

    @Mohammed – I never had a chance to try out a roof helmet but I like the way they look. Kind of like Fighter Pilot helmets!

    @Bader – I think sarah just meant well from her perspective. Helmet is given for most of these Helmets. Just like you I have had two crashs, one at high speed on a track and car taking me on an intersection, both times I was wearing my Arai and it took the beating. That is why I swear by them!

    @khaled – I also prefer DOT rating as well as Snell! When it comes to Helmets in Kuwait Tristar is one of the few that carry’s a large collection. The problem with Helmets in Kuwait is that there isn’t a very large amount of buyers so you aren’t able to get a large selection. Also sometimes special edition helmets are only released in either the US or UK or Europe. One of the pics above shows the special edition Isle of Man TT Helmet sold in the UK which I love. I have bought most of my Helmets from the UK while I was there or online, I buy my Dainese from Tristar but sometimes they don’t have my Helmet Size so I buy it online.

  7. “Where to buy online: RIZVILLA” ?!?!

    Revzilla dude :)

  8. Do they come in Pink?

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