Refreshing Ride

I get anxious these days to ride and enjoy going out with the few remaining days of cool weather. Saturday late afternoon just before sunset is the perfect time to ride other then waking up at the break of dawn. I enjoy riding at dawn the most because of the empty streets but these days I have been so busy I take what ever sleep I can get. I put my gear on, with the new playlist which is perfect on a decent ride so I can listen through it. I always have my songs on playlist repeat and shuffled songs so I don’t know what to expect, some songs get me energized so I got faster and ride harder and some songs make me want to stand on the pegs and dance. I used to do that in the US, dance to the songs, tap the tank and enjoy myself, but in Kuwait I don’t do too much of that so they won’t think I’m insane and so they won’t run me over.

The cool weather is a perfect 26C as I’m riding, and the best thing about the K1200R is that it doesn’t cook your legs when its warmed up. A fun ride around town and a ton of torque at my control. Song after song I was enjoying getting through traffic and enjoying the roads, at sunset there is some traffic but not too much. One thing that I noticed recently is that over the years a lot of people are more considerate to drivers, they move slightly to the side giving you the inside lane to get through knowing the bike is faster. It was a fun ride, after taking a fun route to my cousins house we chilled and watched BSG before heading home around 10:00 pm and I was riding fast to get home, your mind just gets into a precise zone when riding at night, it felt like I was flowing through, precision riding, judging cars, corners, distance, and speed, its a fantastic feeling when riding.

(Pics with Canon G11)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Never had something similar, but it sounds fun !
    You should think of including bikes with GR next years :)

  2. Nice shots…

    LOL at the dancing.

    I was once singing along with Sinatra in my car. When I caught the eyes of the driver next to me on the highway, I pretended I was on the phone :)

  3. JoJo

    That bike is so uniquely different than any other. Enjoy while the weather is still good.

    BTW did you try out the BMW S1000RR ?

  4. @TheStig – Lots of fun! GR is always developing so its something to think about!

    @Laialy_q8 – Thx!

    @Bu Yousef – Thx! Thats why I don’t look left or right when singing! looool

    @JoJo – Quite a different machine! No I haven’t had the chance yet, nothing with BMW S1000RR yet!

  5. Your bike has such character! So different from the other crotch rockets you see on the street most of the time!

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