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Review: Shutter Island

One of those movies which had a lot of hype, a Scorsese movie which had to be seen. Its been a while since I have seen De Caprio in a movie so I was looking forward to it. All I kept hearing was that it was so good, an action thriller movie that had to be seen. De Caprio plays the Federal Detective just after World War 2 going to a psychiatric ward/prison who has a missing person. The settings is a creepy prison which is an old civil war barracks, and these people are treated their, really eerie with a storm coming in. De Caprio and his partner have to find out whats going in this place. The movie kept getting more and more interesting, you think you know where is going, clues are coming together, you are waiting for a big climax and all the pieces to come together. What happens is that it takes a different twist and you just don’t feel satisfied with the ending, I left the movie feeling a bit unsatisfied. It was going at a certain pace and the ending wasn’t the bang I was expecting, its still good Scorsese movie but not one I would watch again.

Link: IMDB