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The Proteges


The Protégés is a unique program designed to influence the youth of Kuwait and push them towards reaching out to their better selves. It is an all-inclusive program that combines activities, challenges, games, and fun guided by the most talented people in different fields of interest. The Protégés is a non-profit program intended to help the youth experience and build themselves away from the typical norms of society. The program teaches students in an innovative ‘hands on’ technique where they will be mastering certain skills that will further enhance their future careers. Through The Protégés, we want to build a future generation inspired by the successful past and the people who built it, whether they are still recognized or deeply forgotten.

We are currently circulating universities and schools to spread the word and encourage students to register.
Applicants can register on our website or at our booths.

Mentors: (order according to attached picture left to right)

  • Meshari Al Mufareh
  • Yarub Burhama
  • Rana Al Khaled
  • Shamlan Al Bahar
  • Bedour Al Shebli
  • Reem Al Hunaidi
  • Aziz Al Adwani
  • Hamda Al Yousef
  • Hamad Al Sayer
  • Abdulla Al Essa
  • Abdulaziz Al Loghani

Website: The Proteges
Facebook page: Proteges Facebook
Twitter: Proteges Twitter