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Trip All Around


The past week I have been between meetings in Oman and Emirates and between planes all over the GCC. Its always a new experience and exhausting at the same time, it was supposed to be Oman only then as soon as I was in Oman I got a call for a meeting in Dubai/Abu Dhabi so I had to change my flight plans.

Surprisingly a lot of flights to Oman were full and Oman Air had inconvenient flights so I couldn’t take them. Emirates and Qatar Airways had horrible times, the best flight times were Gulf Air so I took it. The transit through Bahrain was decent because Gulf Air have a decent lounge and fast internet so time flew by as I was sitting there. With the diversion of flights I had to take a flight from Muscat to Dubai and that was insanely full, I barely managed to get on the Oman Air Flight to Dubai which was only 37 minutes. Then the flight back to Kuwait on Saturday is via Wataniya Airways my prefered airlines. This has been a cocktail of flights and airlines, so many damn meetings I was exhausted. Oman is always an interesting experience and this time around I did something a little different then usual to make it a different experience and relaxing even with all the work.

Flying all over the place for a week is exhausting, I don’t mind traveling for work but this past week took a lot out of me. Luckily now that is done and hopefully I can make some progress with all this work.