We all remember Gatchaman from back in the 80s, or the other name would be Battle of The Planets. It is one of the cartoons that we ended up growing up with, and unknowingly one my first introductions to Japanese Anime. Its very sad but Imagi the company that made Astro Boy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie seems to have shutdown its LA office and is barely getting by, making this project in the dead in the water. Astro Boy just didn’t get what it needed to survive and so the company has fell under the water as well which is very sad, from this trailer that has leaked onto the net it look to be an amazing movie, which isn’t going to be made.

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  1. Yeah looks good. really too back they shut down.
    on another note I was privy to a really private showing of the pilot for The 99 anime. and while I was forbidden to say much, I can say that it is CGI and it’s looking very good!

  2. Would have loved to see an 2D HD tour de force instead of a CGI generic thing. That would have been awesome

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