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Review: The Slammin’ Salmon

Slammin CLEON SALMON (Michael Clarke Duncan), the former Heavyweight Champion of the world, a mean, hard, crazy, and sometimes infantile bull of a man, owes $20,000 to the head of the Japanese Yakuza and needs to come up with the money tonight. So he challenges the waiters in the restaurant that he owns, The Slammin Salmon, a high end, boxing themed seafood eatery in Miami, to sell more food than theyve ever sold in their lives. Its going to be a contest between the waiters with some prizes and penalties: the top waiter gets $10,000 cash and the lowest waiter gets the tar kicked out of him by Cleon.

Very few movies know how to tie a ridiculous story with insane characters, and this one does it hilariously. From the makers of Super Troopers comes The Slammin Salmon, there boss is an insane boxer who pulverizes his employees working at the nicest restaurant in Miami. Its hilarious from start to end, and the best part is that most of the waiter are the cops from Super Troopers. Its not as funny as Super Troopers but still pretty damn funny with some insanely hilarious moments. If you want a comedy that will make you laugh your head off and your a fan of Super Troopers then you must watch this movie.

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