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Swamped @ Work


The last few weeks have been a hell of a lot of work, I haven’t even had a chance to catch up the emails or the usual daily tasks. Its meeting after meeting, running around for all the different tasks, meetings in different countries, last minute confirmations. What kills about last minute confirmations is that your not sure about flights or other schedules, so you have to make quick decisions. Going to Bahrain on a last minute meeting which I have been trying to get for two weeks was hectic since I just got in the car drove to Bahrain early morning and came back for a little work at the office then home, as soon as I sat on the couch I passed out only to transfer to my bed and continue my sleep. I don’t like things piling up, I want more time during the day, even late nights at work isn’t helping to catch up. What really annoys me is seeing my RSS feeds pile up, I enjoy taking my time reading them, but reaching 1000+ is a task to bring down, and I haven’t been able to watch any shows or anime because of this. I want things to calm down a bit, I also want to pause time for 48 hours so I can catch up on normal time.