My 112 Call

I have rarely called the 777 emergency number, only during an accident or a real emergency and they reply but never like this experience. I was on the fifth ring road taking Gazali Bridge to Shuweikh, if you continued straight on the same exit it would take you to the Avenues entrance after going under the bridge. Traffic was backed up all the way to Yarmook, I got around the cars and noticed that they were all piled up at the entrance, when I got closer there was a VW V6 which crashed into a four door Honda or Toyota, and it looked like a hard hit since the front left tire of the VW was crushed all the way into the engine. I pulled over on top the left side walk and got out, saw a woman in the VW on the phone, asked her if she was ok when I knocked on her window, she was crying and on the phone with someone from her family it seems and waved me off, the other Indian driver was standing outside his car which was spun around and on top of the side walk on the right side.

I called 112 and within two rings a woman answered, I told her I’m calling from an accident scene and she asked if I was in it, I told her I was just a passer by. She asked for the location and my name, I gave her the details, she said to hold and she will call Police Central Station and transfer me to the Ambulance Office. I spoke to the Ambulance Dispatcher who took the details and direction, the woman seemed ok but I told them she didn’t get out of her car and was crying, but nothing seemed wrong. So they were now on their way, and then he shut the phone which then transferred me back to the 112 operator and she told me the traffic police are on the way and will be calling you. I shut the phone and within a minute a police officer called asking for the exact location, and I told him where it was, he asked a couple of questions and said thank you. I shut the phone then another call came from another police officer who gave me his name and rank and said that he was coming from another direction and I gave him the location. After 5 minutes I could see police lights, and so I got in my car and was about to leave since there wasn’t anything else for me to do, and then I got a call from a 1800 number and it was the 112 dispatcher checking on the progress and the police. Told her I spoke to both of them and they are on the way and the ambulance as well, thanked her very much for everything she did and left.

I was honestly very very proud of how efficient they were, and how much they followed up. This is a drastic change from what the 777 reaction and procedure was, this felt professional and concerned and helpful. My hat goes off to the people who put this new system together and those are keeping this operation going.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mohammed

    I didn’t call 112 ever but with your experience with them i will not hesitate on calling them (inshalah nothing happens) thumbs up

  2. 3azeez

    I have called them about a year ago (I think it was 777 back then) about a drawning person on the beach… my experience was very much similar to yours. My only worry is the transferring between ambulance office and police station and the later call backs for directions are not so efficient in case the caller was actually involved in the emergency.

  3. bader

    i have called them and experienced calling 112. when i called 4 times from 4 different numbers no answer. i’m glad there improving but u shouldn’t have to talk to each department individually. thats a waste of time, the operator should be the one who handles that. but at least it has improved.

  4. yousef

    The system is not efficient at all. You should not be taking care of talking to the police or arranging the ambulance, the person who picks up the phone should do that.

    I got into an accident a month ago but no one was hurt thankfully. I must’ve repeated the directions to the person on the line 10 times, the call lasted 15 minutes. Then, she hung up and a police officer called me to ask me where the place is lol. By that time a passing cop stopped and was taking care of the situation so I said there’s a cop here thank you. After that I got about 7 calls from different numbers within a time span of 1 hour. All of them being cops asking me where I am. This is really really stupid. Imagine you got into a big car accident and you are pinned under your car but you can reach your cell phone and call up 112 and have to deal with all this bullshit. You’d be dead by the time they got the directions right.
    This, along with A LOT of other things, needs to be revamped in Kuwait. It’s kind of disturbing that if you get into a big accident, life or death is dependent on calling a service that handles things like this.

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  6. Its amazing to see this improvement in response time! I’ve heard that calling 777 a year ago was a nightmare for most people.

  7. Mariam

    Mashallah.. Allah la y’3ayer oo mnha lil a3la enshallah :)

  8. BZ

    u got the vip-treatment!

    maybe they confused your identity with the parliament member!

  9. amazing
    hope the service will continue like this and better

    thumbs up

  10. jewaira

    Impressive. Nice post

  11. gerry

    i hope communication with the dispatcher is not a problem especially for non-arabic speakers.

  12. I think that’s great. It isn’t realistic to expect police officers to always know the location that of the accident in question. Some people have accidents in the middle of obscure shalay roads and others on their way to a camp site. Giving directions maybe tedious but it comes with the territory.

    The reaction time is what I found most impressive, especially given that there are more than 3 million people in Kuwait, with a pool only 1 million that can be cops (by law: nationality and other consideration). Taking that 1 million, and given the inherent lack of appeal this job may have to a major part of the 1 million (constantly disciplined and on call), a small portion become police officers. I hope they keep it up.

  13. VirusX

    Really amazing !

  14. Hamad

    777 is among the BEST run government services in Kuwait..PERIOD! I called them to report an accident and it was dealt with amazingly.

    Don’t know where they get their training from, but their definitely represent the pinnacle of professionalism.

    Keep it up!!

  15. Al-Ben-3li

    The 112 number is a global number used in many countries for emergencies. It allows for a lot of things, including location tracking and the ability to call this number even when you don’t have network coverage.

    The director of central operations in the MOI, Lt. Colonel Khalid Bin Salamah, is the man responsible for the 112 service. He’s a good man, and he should be given some credit for the excellent service being provided now since he took over :)

    عاشو آل بن علي و آل بن سلامة :)

  16. I’m happy that everything went well. I just hope that it continues as it is the least they should be doing.

  17. KuwaitQ

    Not trying to break the cheerful spirit…

    But after having over a dozen experiences with 777 and 112 hotlines (although i have to agree that their service was somewhat fast and deserves credit) it was never as good as what Marzouq said it was

    So… i will have to agree with BZ ;)

  18. ali

    is this service available in English also? may be 112 does but what about the police and ambulance who will call u to ask the address, how do u explain them?

  19. mer

    @ ali yes they have an english speaking operators but when it come down to the police & ambulance crews it really is a burden..sorry,no offense meant to the police officers who could.
    hope the MOI could do something bout it but overall they do such a big hand to anyone.

  20. allah y36ehom al3afia
    bs wayd ydgon
    mara dgait bal’3t 3n 7adeth 9ar jdamy
    law3ow chabdy kel sa3 wa7d dag :\
    karht nafsi o tmnait eny ma dgait :p

  21. sky

    I think that having ladies working there is a very good thing to do. I once called them and the lady over the phone was very responsive and polite.

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