Hobby Center in Dubai Mall

I have been passing by Dubai Mall constantly over the past couple of trips to Dubai, and I have never seen this Hobby Center on the third floor. And I spell it “Center” because the other way is just wrong. The place is huge in comparison to a lot of Hobby Shops I have seen, MyToyCo in Kuwait is really nice but this is just something else. They have every kind of machine can imagine helicopters, trucks, buggies, sports cars, planes, speed boats, tanks, and even semi-trucks with trailers. That doesn’t even include the number of models they have laying around. You have a choice of gasoline or electric machines, there is even a plane which is bigger then me hanging on the wall and you can find items ranging from 100KD all the way to 6000KD or even more. They have a huge selection and professional staff, spare parts, and a ton of accessories.

When I was inside I had a strong urge to buy a Speed Boat and RC Truck but I decided not to with what common sense I had left at the time. The kid in me was jumping for joy, I wanted to take one of those cars right out into the mall and start sliding around and drifting. There was one Tamiya truck which looked really cool but I decided not to get it since it was big and I didn’t have anywhere to put it, and I didn’t want to carry it with me since it would be a burden. But their selection is amazing, and if you have any interest then you should seriously go there, it was amazing and really got me thinking about getting a simple RC Truck. The speed boat was pretty cool but the guy said it had to be driven in ocean water since these little machines are basically like bullets on water and would be destroyed within seconds in a pool. I visited there twice in one day and I couldn’t get enough of it!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. instantcravings

    wow ! now all i need to do is win the lottery!

  2. Fantastic place… and very nice shots. Which camera? The shallow DOF on the yellow truck shot is perfect.

    I think this is the first time I disagree with you:
    It’s ‘Centre’ not ‘Center’… It’s just the American spell-checker playing up and the Americans don’t realise (translation: realize)

  3. have you ever heard of the 3D choppers (helicopters)

    youtube it, they are amazing

  4. biggie27

    you know were gonna be racing all over the mall this weekend :D…….we should setup a track the escalators will be the finish line :D

  5. Streetjab

    Wow..they even got Airwolf!!

  6. somnium

    RIP OFF ! they sell a 2200KV brushless motor for 1650 dirhms were you can find it online for 75 dirhams.. biggers rip off EVER.

  7. mohammed

    too expinsive look aonther shop cheaber

  8. Alijawad Molu

    We just crashed one of the planes :(
    I think we need flying lessons
    any idea ?
    please let us know on [email protected]

  9. Abdallah mitwalli

    the place is awesome

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