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OSN & ART Line Up Jumble


Being the techi guy in the house I’m referred to as the Electrician, and my family expects me to know all the details of Orbit and ART and how to get new channels. I was never too fond of Orbit, Showtime or ART but at this point they have all pretty much gone down the drain. They change the way they would broadcast, we had to change our decoders then they changed it back to another way because everyone got really confused. The shows on the channels have honestly improved but the decoders have really gone down the drain. Previously Orbit had a very good way to display and categorize all of the channels, even when they reached 60 channels it was still pretty good. Now going to the generic system they have honestly confused the hell out of me, and if you can’t navigate through 400+ channels to find the right channels. When getting a new decoder I go through the painstaking process of creating favorite lists based on the channels they want, and that takes hours and hours to get done. The worst part is when a decoder crashes or when it updates they erase the whole damn channel favorites that you have worked on. Sometimes I spend over five long minutes looking for one channel in that insanely long list, and sometimes I give up and just leave the TV. Luckily most everything I watch is online, or downloaded or other forms of content delivery that does not require me to interact with OSN or ART decoders, but if something is wrong then I am the first line of support for the family. With the new decoders they basically made it impossible for people to find a channel or to enjoy it, they should work on the interface not just the channels, it would make things a lot better.