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Review: Legend – David Gemmell


David Gammell is one the best fantasy writers of our time, he passed a few years back now but his books still live on. The story is of Druss the Legend taking up his battle Axe “Snaga” to help the Drenai once more fight off the Nadir invaders at Dros Delnoch, and new Heroes must rise to fight with Druss. Now this is one of those rare timeless books, it isn’t a Pulitzer prize winning book or something of that nature but one very memorable one. It puts you in the middle of a heroic adventure, full of blood and sweat, dreams and fears, magic and might. At Dros Delnoch they are meant to hold against a horde of warriors who want their blood with 50 to 1 odds against them, a sea of soldiers where you see no end to them. Druss unites these warriors who are but farmers with some Heroic women to fight for whats right, can these soldiers hold on, how will Druss the Legend give them enough hope to survive. The characters are colorful and pull you in, there actions are their words, they fight for what they believe in because that is what Druss gave them. Druss became the Legend not just through his endless battles, but for never losing a battle, for never giving up against the worst odds, and never sacrificing his principles. I bought the 25th Anniversay edition because I knew which book this was, the first one from Gemmell and I have read a few that I love, and I knew that I had to read this, printed in 1984 and reprinted many times and the one I picked up was a 2009 reprint and still an amazing story.


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