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Mavizen TTX02

The electric Superbike developed on the KTM RC8 frame and body, basically an RC8 but with no exhaust or sound. I know this day was coming and what a strange machine it is, you can see from the picture that it doesn’t have an exhaust but an X-Large clutch cover which could be some sort of alternator. You just switch it on and go, I knew this day was coming soon, and here it the first production electric superbike. I think I’m still an old school guy who needs to hear and feel the tone of the engine and exhaust, this is an amazing development but I still like filling up my gas tank and hearing the roar of the engine when I switch on the bike, the rumble of an engine gets me excited as well as the ride. Check out the video, you just switch it on and go, but it does change the dynamics of the ride itself since the weight will be lighter without all those components.

The Mavizen TTX02 uses a complete KTM RC8 superbike rolling chassis, but is powered by two 96V DC Agni 95R electric motors instead of a petrol engine. There’s no clutch, gearbox, exhaust, oil or expensive fuel and when it’s switched on ready to go, absolutely no noise or emissions either.

Thanks Kuwaity

Link: MCN


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