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Gundams @ Bou Saleh

The other day guy I got a text from the guy working at Bou Saleh’s Anime Shop in Muthana that they got a new shipment of items to check out. So I decided to go check it out on the dusty day since I haven’t picked up a model in sometime, and they had a nice selection to see. Whenever I walk in there I feel like a kid in a candy store, I want a room like that with all the models.

After taking a look around I picked up a couple of Gundam Models, the Gundam Unicorn is brand new but the Shin Musha Gundam has been around for at least a year now. Both are really unique machines, one is based on the new anime and other one is based on a battle samurai. Being Master Grade means it will take a lot of work to put these guys together, usually I try to stick to ready made ones but they were really cool and so I picked them both up. I know that I probably won’t have the time these days to put the models together but I will some time in the summer and they will be cool looking for sure. But I have no place what so ever to put them but that isn’t a factor when I get them.

Picked Up:

  • Shin Musha Gundam – Master Grade 47 KD
  • Gundam Unicorn – Updated – Master Grade 50 KD