Garretts PopCorn

Recently a lot of people have been interested in Garrett’s PopCorn and for good reason too, its damn good. I recently was sent the caramel popcorn from Dubai, a friend dropped it off at my house and I remember the last tin can I went through. The tin can is air tight for the popcorn to remain fresh, and when you open the tin you can smell the caramel popcorn. I had a few hand fulls before putting it away, you just keep eating it without a second thought. I think that KNCC would sell more if they just had Garrets Tin Can instead of the popcorn they have now, if somebody else brings it then people will try sneaking them into the movie, I know I would try to.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I saw them mentioned once before (I think on SomeConrast)… Will bring some back next time I’m there :) to try with the kids.

  2. I forget to try it out whenever I’m there. Looks good; 3alaik bil3afia :)

  3. It seems like you have a lot of friends who love u :p

  4. iv been wanting to post about it for a long time
    bs i never uploaded my pic

    i LOVE it.

    in chicago 6agim6agag 3alaih

    we couldnt even enter the store.

    made famous by oprah .

    and its damn good!

    al7een kel ma a7ad yroo7 dubai i ask em to get me some.

    bs i always ask for a bag not the can.. its too big!

    and the back usually lasts… well it doesnt last !

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