HTC – Desire

Just recently got my hands on the new HTC Desire, the HTC version of the Nexus One. Extremely similar specs but they have updated the software a bit as well as changing the trackball to a infra-red sensor which feels your fingers presence.

What really makes this such a different phone is HTC’s touch to the software. They have updated a few of the bugs, overall 3G is much smoother on it. Then there is the interface, which is what they call “HTC Sense”. It overlaps the Android software (Eclair 2.1) with their modified and smoother interface.

Whats Great:

  • HTC Sense – Just makes everything smoother
  • Better & Smoother 3G performance
  • Same cool line of software
  • Great Google Application Integration
  • As soon as I registered my Gmail Account it updated all my contacts over a wireless connection as well as the pictures that I have associated with each contact.
  • A bit heavier then the Nexus One but it does feel very solid

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  1. Linda

    I just got the phone too! Awesome if you ask me, everything runs smoothly and its easy to use. But I discovered a wierd bug on the phone which HTC is apparently trying to fix. Just one tip: do not sync your facebook contacts. Suddenly, info messages will appear to be sent from random Facebook contacts!

  2. fadibou

    price and source ?

  3. Linda

    I personally got mine from Electrozan for 219KD. Al Ghanim is selling it for 249KD.

  4. Teeman

    dont forget the fact that the nexus doesnt have Flash which the desire has, desire also has a more RAM and those buttons are faster to use since they arent touch even though the fact that the nexus ones trakcball is so cool youd be risking the fact that it can easily get dirty and laggy but when it comes to the desire that cannot happen since its an optical trackball

  5. Shabbir

    Desire also has a radio which nexus 1 don’t

  6. fadibou


  7. Mabrook bro, Just a reminder, Nexus One updates come directly from Google, the Desire on the other hand from HTC, look at the Hero, still running Android 1.6, sad, 2.1 will be announced tomorrow.

  8. That’s one mean looking model you got there in the background

  9. Ced

    It’s going on online at expansys UK for £362 w/DHL shipping. comes to mere KD 150ish.. i think the electronics stores out here are ridiculously over priced! Eureka seems the best among the three.

  10. 3azeez

    So tell me… Should I get Desire? Nexus One? Or wait for Nexus Two?

  11. Ced

    there’s a nexus 2 ?
    Im really tempted to get myself a Desire or a Motorola Milestone.. however right now im waiting for a promising handset apart from Samsung which can adopt an AMOLED with sunlight visibility , probably the new Super AMOLED & be powered up with quite the battery to take such load.
    Linda/Jack , how does the desire perform under direct sunlight ? is it a complete disaster or it is tolerable ?

  12. Linda

    Hmm,I wouldn’t say its a complete disaster but yea sunlight legibility isn’t awesome. But it works fine with me, I didnt find it to be a huge issue.

    But in every other aspect, the htc desire has impressed me in every way. I was also contemplating getting the motorola milestone for months; after reading reviews for all android handsets, and trying out the phones at Electrozan, my choice was clear. While the Motorola Milestone is a nice handset, the touchscreen can lag and I dont know if I can trust Motorola yet..

  13. Ced

    Many thanks for getting back on that one Linda.
    I need to go and check out the HTC desire for myself .. I too had a go at milestone at Algnim’s last week .. the OS is pretty much simple.. though , I like the whole feel of the milestone.. sheer build quality. The Xperia X10 was kind of dissapointing though , cheap menu bottom keys.
    Will have a go at the desire soon :)

  14. does it have arabic out of the box?

    is it the chinese version when you go to languages it will show chinese or middle east version which they announced its available in middle east at ?


  15. Nasser AbuTaleb

    Could you please help me setup the internet, I have a blackberry ad just put my aim but can’t get on to the Internet, so could u please email me the settings please
    -Thank u

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