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Gumball 3000 – 2010


Gumball 3000 begun a few days ago starting in London and ending in New York, and one hell of a drive it was. Over 100 cars participated with a range of vehicles but mostly sports cars. The price to participate ranges from year to year from 10’000 KD all the way to 40’000 KD which is insane, I would like to one day to participate but the amounts are insane for this adventure. I spoke about Sheikh Moe previously and its good that he is participating in Gumball but I didn’t like the look of the RollsRoyce Drophead. I think the best vehicles for this adventure would have been the Nissan GTR, some of the other supercars would have been crap and wouldn’t last. There are a couple of people who take these things very seriously and outfit their vehicles with Radar Detectors, Police Scanners, and Radar Jammers of all sorts. The Batmobile was the coolest car there period!