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McLaren Dealerships

After splitting from Mercedes it was clear that McLaren were launching their own car, and I have been posting about the MP4-12C constantly. Now the interesting part is the steps they are taking, no company has had the same stepping stone as they did. They have a long line of people waiting to buy the car, a lot of money to initially work with, a very successful racing history, and they are on top right now. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, and a large piece of that pie is coming to the Middle East as any car manufacturer knows there are a lot of car aficionados who are willing to pay a pretty penny for their car.

Dealership Breakdown:

  • Europe: Birmingham, London, Manchester; Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich; Brussels; Monaco, Paris; Milan; Barcelona/Madrid; Zurich
  • North America: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tampa; Toronto
  • Middle-East / South Africa: Manama; Doha; Jeddah, Riyadh; Dubai, Abu Dhabi; Kuwait; Johannesburg
  • Asia-Pacific: Hong Kong; Singapore; Sydney; Tokyo

What I find interesting is their concentration in the Middle East, 2 in Saudi and 2 in UAE. So 20% of the 35 dealerships which are planned to be opened are in the Middle East. I’m not sure who is going to be the dealer in Kuwait but I do know that Mercedes in Kuwait is one of the perspective dealerships, I’m curious who else bid for it in Kuwait, I just hope that Zianni doesn’t get it because they have the worst service period.

Link: Autoblog