Review: Harry Brown

Harry lives in public housing block in London, a retired soldier who lives a daily dull life between the pub and his apartment. Harry Brown is movie of a man who was pushed too far, surrounded by thugs and gangsters who took things a little too far, the man snapped and his rampage cleaned up the streets, and take vengeance for his friend. Who ever thought that the butler of Batman/Bruce Wayne could kick so much ass, and every kill is for a purpose. This is a gritty unapologetic violent movie meant to show the state of the public housing and how one man was pushed to act, movies such as these are rare these days, a slow start but insane finish, a movie worth watching.

Link: IMDB

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That sounds interesting. Just watched “The Boat that Rocked yesterday, and it’s truly a movie that rocked” :-)

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  3. Apparently, it was filmed on the same estate that Michael Caine grew up in. I want to see this one.

  4. Michael Caine sure has some hidden talent. Cant wait to see this movie.

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