False Police Accusations

I always try to think better of those in public service even when I have dealt with some scumbags but there are good people working in the public sector, even when they are hard to find.

Case 1:

This happened on Sunday last week, one of our coworkers, a 40+ yearold indian gentlemen came into work late which is odd for him because he is usually the first person there. He told me that he got his license taken by the police, when he asked why they just told him its a 5 KD fine and to go away. He told me that he was stuck in traffic going under the 5th ring road heading towards Bida’a round about, Rumaithiya on your right and Salmiya on your left. He said there were police checking car after car, and he was slowly moving in a que. Then the police men at the check point told him to pull over, there were news cameras taking pictures of police men giving tickets to foreigners and drivers. So when he gave me the form it said 120/80 meaning that he was speeding 40 kph over the speed limit which I knew was a lie since he doesn’t drive over 70 kph. They were basically pulling people over and giving mass fines, they took over 50 licenses, and the photographers were snapping away as if they are doing a great job. So what is a foreigner supposed to do, I called up a few people and turns out it was a publicity stunt for the MOI. The process to get your license is hell and to try to prove its a false accusation is nearly impossible. At the end after calling several people I managed to get his license after about three days of looking for it. But how can you prove that they are falsifying information when they don’t have to prove what happened.

Case 2:

My friend left Signor Sassi with his family in front of him. He was in the left lane to make a u-turn on a Thursday night from the GulfRoad. The u-turn was packed but going straight was empty so he cut right while the road was empty and sped up to catch up with his cousin and family in the other car. He got to about 100 kph while the speed limit was 80 kph, and way back there was one car all the way in the right lane. The car suddenly sped up with only the lower lights on coming behing my friend, then the police lights came on. He pulled him over and so did his family pull over, they were wondering why he stopped him. My friend got down said hello, he gave him his drivers license and vehicle registration and told him he just sped up but was over the speed limit and he apologizes for that, and will accept that fine. Then the police men said no you cut me off and I’m going to tow your car to the police station then to the impound lot, my friend was shocked from what he said. Then the policemen said you cut me off and you were doing over 180 kph, my friend replied saying you were on the right lane and I was behind my family how could I be going 180 kph, and I wasn’t speeding at that speed. Back and forth, back and forth but the guy was being an ass towards him even though he was being very polite and enquiring why the extreme punishment for going only 20 kph over the speed limit. Then he had to follow him to the impound lot in Sharq, he called several people to see how he could help. He managed to get to friend by the time he got to the lot, he said to hold tight while he made his calls. My friend again tried reasoning with the policemen but he said no you either take your car in or I take your car into the lot. Then he said I’m getting a phone call can you speak to the gentlemen and the police men refused but then he got the number to his direct superior who told him to release him and the car, but while on the phone with his superior he said that the driver endangered my life and many others on the street and kept adding to the form. He added “reckless driving”, “endangerment to people lives”, “refusing to pullover” while on the phone to his superior so that he can get his car locked up. I know that my friend is very polite and doesn’t argue since he was still in shock but lucky to find someone that can help. Now how in the hell are you supposed to get policemen like this off the streets, who lie and do whatever they want to persecute people for no reason. Seriously this is insane, even after getting all the details sorted he was trying to stop my friend from getting his license the next day. The problem is that in Kuwait is that the word of a policeman is not questioned in court but in situations such as this there has to be proof, its getting ridiculous the extent some of these men go.

I have heard of many stories of policemen harassing females and doing whatever they want on the road. How do you expect people to respect them when they do this, its sad when its just few who are like this. They should be held responsible and thrown off the police force, and not be employed in any other government body.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It’s almost as bad here in the US

  2. Thanks… this post will surely be enlightening many.

  3. DOD

    I have never had any real problems with the police here, if I got a ticket it was because I was at fault. But its reality that some people in power will abuse the authority they are given. Their was a good article in the newspaper awhile back about this issue and how the police abuse woment drivers.

  4. Tarooq

    Guys seriously do what other people do these days. Record EVERYTHING that happens in a situation with the police. It doesn’t even have to be a video recording, open your mic program and record what these losers are saying, they wont expect it.

  5. hmmm

    apparently a piece of news came out last night stating that cameras and sound recording equipment will be installed on police cars to record everything after so many complaints .. i guess thats a right step towards proper behavior

  6. Kuwaity

    We heard too many stories similar to those. I want to share one it because most of us are bikers.

    You know there are police men with regular clothes driving mostly in gulf road in the winter time where most bikes are going out to enjoy the bike and the weather. These police men know nothing but the position of the bikes keys! They just pull the key and THEN they ask you about your license and other stuff. Anyways, a biker was riding to his friend’s home near the 2nd RR so that they can ride together to the gulf road, they take the right exit to the fuel station (the one before the Indian embassy) to fill up their bikes. Suddenly, those police men came to them pulled the keys and took their license and told them forget your bikes, we are taking em to impound lot. If you want anything go to the police station! The guys were shocked because they did nothing wrong at all! You know what the police men said?? They said we saw you doing stunts and pulling wheelies in the gulf road!!!

    I don’t what happens after that because we left and remember that we will not fill our bikes in any fuel station on the gulf road!

  7. I’ve had my ugly share (and still do). I hope they choke on a chicken bone.

  8. bu faisal

    the reason for all this is no one respects the law and they dont want too ,and most of the cops are dum asses anyway that dont even have a college degree….. so i guess we just have to live with this crap because it aint going to change !!!………….god help us :)

  9. k

    ما شفت شي

    الله كريم

  10. bullet

    one of the reason why kuwait is gettin nasty.,well.,its bcuz of these a#@hole in UNIFORM roaming around kuwait streets drinkin coffee on the patrol car!!!and taking ladies on the street and raping them on the desert!animals!

  11. nudorp

    Well…apparently the MOI has been pretty desperate to recruit any Joe off the streets which basically means that any random Moe, regardless of proper qualifications, which includes lack of high school completion, can simply sign up for the academy and play crooked cop.

    Indeed appalling.

  12. jewaira

    That is just ridiculous and so frightening for those involved.

  13. biggie27

    I hate the fact that alot of people are bashing the police in this post……not all are bad, actually the majority of them are very decent guys who are just doing there jobs, and I can respect them for that, yes a few bad apples spoil the bunch and I would like to point out that until a recent incident all the police officers I have encountered have been gentlemen and most of the time that I have been pulled over or given a ticket at a check point was because I was breaking the law whether it be through tinted windows or speeding, and most of the time they are lenient and will let me go or give me a different citation that doesnt involve going to court…..the problem I see isnt from the police men themselves but from the lack of education of the law on our part, if u know the law and your rights as a citizen u can get them in trouble IF they cross the line of there duty as an officer of the law. Another major issue we have is that alot of the lower level police offers dont know the limits of there power and are given full authority….this gives them alot of power and if they are not well disciplined they will take advantage of that power, Im guessing thats what happend to marzougs friend in the second post Im just glad he got everything straightened out :D

  14. Excellent post Marzouq.

    Bu Faisal: Having a collage degree have nothing to do with your behavior, there are as many assholes with collage degrees as there are without them.

    Like biggie27 said, there is the good and the bad in every field and every country, you should know how to take measures to control them. Having audio and video recording in all police cars is a step in the right direction.

  15. midhun manmadhan

    excellent post Marzouq,

    ..when i hear such stories of q8 police,the first thing that comes into my mind is Barricade(TRANSFORMERS …COP CAR)…and the tagline….. “To punish and enslave”.

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