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Review: Prince of Persia

This movie had a big build up since it was based on the successful Prince of Persia games. Dastan joins the rebillious princess Tamina to prove his innocense and stop the sands of time from being unleashed and destroying the world. Dastan is played by Jake Gyllenhall, and he plays him very well, the witty and acrobatic characteristics of the Prince fit him well. Its fun seeing the tricks in the game happening in real life, they had some fun characters in the movie and your always entertained. A fun adventure to watch, and princess Tamina played by Gemma Arterton is a spunky and tough character who wants to ditch Dastan at every point. And I loved the evil guy that Ben Kingsely played, he is just such a superb actor and plays the bad guy very well. This is one of the good summer blockbusters to enjoy.

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