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Phoenix Palace – Best Chinese Restaurant in the UK!

When ever I’m in London I make it one of my top priorities to go eat at the Phoenix Palace and to make sure that I am very hungry. Its very easy to find, just off of Baker Steet & Marlyben Road. Walking in I noticed that they have expanded the whole place to a larger entrance and more tables, and still the place was full. They seated me on a four person table even though I was on my own. It was around 12:30 in the afternoon and the place was packed, business people, families, and a lot of Chinese. You know its a good sign when people from the country of cuisine go there to eat, and they always know what to order from what I have seen at Phoenix Palace.

Right off the bat I knew what I wanted to order, two appetizers and one main course for my meal for getting on the plane. Sesame Prawn on Toast, Vegetable Spring Roll, and a Peking Duck. They have the best tasting Peking Duck I have ever had in my life, I have been going to this restaurant for over 5 years now and its still as a good as every time I eat there, and I’m never disappointed. I usually want more people to come with me so I can order more dishes and share it with people, I never had any dish that I didn’t enjoy, the chow meins, the noodles, the rice, chicken and shrimp dishes, all so tantalizing, you feel as if they are tickling your taste buds. If you ever have a chance while in London and your craving Chinese food then this place should be the only place to visit.

Phoenix Palace Chinese Restaurant
5 Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG
Tel: 020 7486 3515
Fax: 020 7486 3401