Its been a long while since I have been in a bookstore in the UK, as soon as I passed by Waterstones I stopped to check out the books. The reason I like Waterstones is because they have a recommendation section where people who work there recommend books with short reviews which are pretty interesting, they give you a mix of choices and different genres to enjoy.

I was walking around and tempted to buy a lot of books but kept walking as I still had a lot of books to read. My favorite section in the bookstore is the Scifi section, Waterstones always seem to be updated with a lot of books for science fiction and fantasy. So I headed down to my shocking surprise I found the new Trudi Canavan book, I didn’t know she had one out, I was happy as kid in a candy store, I flipped through it real quick, I didn’t think I would get to read any of her books anytime soon but lo and behold she had a new book. So I picked that up right away knowing that I will be reading it very soon. So many other books I skimmed through, I just took their names down to be noted for later, I have a list of a few dozen books that I want to read, but if its fiction I don’t mind picking it up any point in time. I just love the smell of books and paper in Waterstones, never could get enough of it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. OMG!
    ure in the uk?
    which branch is that?
    misss buying books soooo easily ;p

  2. maryam

    We should have a large book store in Kuwait, it is really sad that we don’t. Jarir and Muthana don’t count.

  3. The one on Piccadilly is huge (former Simpson building) with a lovely cafe on the 5th floor. Nice views of London and you can read the books while relaxing there – and buy the ones you like.

    We buy our regular books from Amazon, but on every trip to London, we spend at least one whole day there, for those special books. Their Photography section is fantastic!

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  5. i agree with Maryam, it’s a shame that we don’t have a decent book store

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