Walking Around London

During the last trip to London I had some free time to walk around before my flight and later the day before. The weather was just fanstatic, cool and sunny, everybody just wants to be outside. The usual in London are people just spilling out of bars with their beers, its the only city that I know that people can stand outside with their beers.

I was walking around trafalgar square and there seemed to be some event going on, and lots of kids playing in the fountains, after that I headed over to Piccadilly to visit some other areas. I just love walking in London, and the combination smell of fresh air and double decker buses can only be found in London. 48 hours in London is just not enough, it felt like taking a small bite of a very tasty meal and having to leave early.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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  1. Small bite indeed. I too love walking in London, but I find the buses and tube make me lazy; I jump on to go from one area to another. In Paris, I have no idea what I’m doing with public transport, so I end up walking much more.

    Lovely shots. Can’t wait to go…

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