Pottery Barn @ The Avenues

Now this was a surprise that I wasn’t expecting, I went to the Avenues to pick some Pinkberry since its been a long hot day. I completely forgot that they opened up Pottery Barn in the Avenues so I decided to go check it out. I know that in the states its in almost every major mall, and a few other locations as well but I always loved Pottery Barn. Half of my furniture in my apartment in the states was from Pottery Barn and the other half was from Crate and Barrel. As soon as I walked in I got this odd feeling, something I liked but I wasn’t sure what, I got reminded of my old apartment and I missed it a lot, I just love going back to the states as much as possible.

They built the Pottery Barn store in the first half of the Avenues right next to Zara, and it is a pretty good size. Right away there is a large selection of items and you don’t have to follow the arrows on the floor like Ikea to find your way out. Its built on 2.25 Floors, and the layout is very easy to walk around, a lot of nice things to see. The furniture is all spread out, you have normal living room furniture, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, plates, throws, and a lot of other accessories. What I like about Pottery Barn is the amount of accessories that they have and all the different kinds, I’m not too fond of their couches even though they look really good. Pricing is a bit on the high side, just as it is with The One in Marina Mall, but I’m assuming that the pricing will drop in due time for the major furniture items, and some items are pretty reasonable. I took a walk around the area and saw some interesting items, and lots of people buying items from the store.

*All Pictures were taken with Google Android Nexus One

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  1. Staff need better training (or maybe longer to get used to their shop)…

  2. lol i guess we went there on the same day ;)

  3. Realist

    Unless you live in wisteria lane this place would have very few buyers.

  4. It’s really nice, but man, very expensive. I’d go there more for gifts, than to buy stuff for myself. For myself, I usually wind up just going to Target (but Target often isn’t good enough for high-end gifts, unfortunately…I’d hate to have someone recognize that I bought them something for three bucks!)

  5. armchairqb

    Maybe a little expensive but they back up everything they sell. Yea the staff is still in training but as we all know, they get better with experience.

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