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Cafeteria Shuweikh

Woke up 6:30 am Friday morning hungry, I was surprised I even woke up that early. I kept thinking about food and tried to keep myself busy but at the end I decided that I want to eat out, not the healthiest item but I knew I would burn off whatever I ate. I bbmed Kubayashi since he is always up early in the morning, he replied at around 7 am and was ready to go. We had a choice between Early Bird in Jabriya or Cafeteria Shuweikh, I was more keen on Shuweikh but we thought to check out Early Bird. The location of Early Bird had a ton of construction around it and some people seemed to be waiting, and honestly I don’t want to wait 30 mins to get table to have breakfast, so we turned around and headed to Cafeteria Shuweikh.

The place never changes, except for the main sign out front it even has had the same A/C units for the past decade, you never know which one is really working and which is broken down. You have standard orders, and cafeteria shuweikh isn’t for everyone. I had one cheese and one laham bil ajeen, meat on doe, with one 7 up, the meal is pretty much as bad as it gets in regards to calories and healthiness, but its pretty good. Enjoyed sitting there, and the place always has people at any time of day.