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Ducati – Mega Monster

Spy shots of the new Ducati power cruiser popping up all over the press, a machine targeting the Yamaha V-Max market. This is a new step for Ducati, there were rumors of a cruiser and some sketches that popped up last year but nothing materialized but now this a different story. Just as the campaign for the Multistrada with spy pictures and leaked images coming out over a few months, this tactic is done by Ducati’s marketing, just before the launch in EICMA 2010 in Milan.

What lends these pictures to being the work of Ducati are the photographs and the riders. As last time there is only one angle for the bike and very clear pictures, same as the last leaked pictures. Secondly the riders wearing full Ducati gear. What I find sneaky is that Ducati announced last year that they have no plans to make a cruiser style motorcycle, but the pictures say other wise and I would love to see this Ducati Power Cruiser. I like the single side swing arm, and I like the location of the exhaust, now lets hope for a good looking front.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber