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Fiat 500 Ferrari Edition – Pogea Racing

I just love this car, there is so much about it that is fantastic, it is just a ridiculous piece of engineering. Fiat made a successful car with the 500. Then they came up with the Abarth 500, with is the “M” or “AMG” version of the 500, then they came up with the Abarth 500 Ferrari Edition. I really like the look of this little beast, looks like its going to bite somebody’s ankle off if you give your back for even a second.

Pogea Racing have taken the Abarth 500 and fitting with Turbos, upgraded ECU, and a bigger set of brakes. Giving this very small car a very potent 264 bhp and 243 lb-ft, which is very powerful for a car of this size. Then it looks amazing, just like a small Stradalli, a very menacing package all together. The interior looks just as good as the exterior, what a perfect little car.

(Lots of Pictures below)

Link: Autoblog