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Hotmail – Still Stucks


I have had my hotmail account since 1996 and I log into it once every few months, I have a lot of random emails that head over there and I clear it up once in a while. I remember subscribing to Hotmail “Extra” a long time ago to get from 10MB to 250 MB which was HUGE a long time ago, but thanks to Google that barrier was destroyed and they kept on going with amount of space available.

Recently Hotmail/Live made upgrades to their email system stating a new and revolutionary way to use your email. Integration of new features, conversation style emails, new filters, and a new way to attach files. Well overall its still slow in comparison, loading and sending emails still go through that process of waiting, you have limitations with your attachments even though they say you can attached 10GB files which doesn’t seem to be the case. Two things that I really hate about hotmail is the lack of organization, even with the very late introduction of filters its still not as intuitive as Gmail’s ease of organization, secondly is the amount of spam that I still get, I only have allowed emails coming through so I have to keep checking my spam mail for legitimate emails. I haven’t used my yahoo mail in a while either but I remember it isn’t as annoying as my hotmail. Well even with all these changes I’m still not using my hotmail at all, I just use it for random website registrations.

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