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Bank Of America – Locked Account


This is one of the freakiest moments I had in a while, I tried logging into my Bank of America account only to find it locked. I didn’t have a clue why, but there is a notification button to send an unlock code to specified emergency address. Luckily I went through the process of entering the security question process when an unknown computer tries to log into my BoA account, and if they get the questions wrong that it locks my account and the only way to unlock is from a code that is sent to the emergency email registered to the account.

I unlocked the account, and everything looked fine, so I called up BoA to check what was going on. They told me that my account was accessed from an odd location several times and was locked for security reasons. I’m thankful for their security steps they have and their quick action, and getting the account active again is instantaneous making it a very simple and easy process. Even with the safeguards active, and the security questions and changing my passwords every 3 to 6 months, I still freaked out. You never think that your online account would be attacked or someone malicious would try to access it but now I know, and I’m happy that every thing is fine, I just make sure that whenever I can access my accounts I do it through a secure VPN or from a connected computer. Feels like a dodged a bullet in this situation, I just hope this is the worst that could happen.