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Koreans & StarCraft


With the coming release of StarCraft II there is a lot of buzz going around and people playing StarCraft the original game to catch up to the previous strategy and units. I for one just plan on playing it on my PC first for practice then moving on to the online gaming, but Korea takes this very differently. It’s called E-sports, there are leagues and thousands of Starcraft players, there are tournaments with a huge fan base, with government entities ruling these tournaments. Even Korean Air painted two of their 747 with StarCraft across the planes, I don’t even know how they worked that out with Blizzard. They have training camps for Starcraft just like football or basketball camps, where kids are trained to play harder, faster and smarter. They train to increase their APM or Actions Per Minute, I can’t believe how fast some of these guys are moving their fingers in complex actions, I can’t do that messing around on a keyboard! Some of these players have fan clubs, they are in teams, some of them make a huge amount of money. I just hope that whatever server I play that I don’t play against any of these guys, I would be annihilated.

Link: Kotaku