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Follow Up on TV Shows


The Whole Season:

  • Justified – This is turning out to be an action packed US Marshalls/Cowboy show with Timothy Olyphant as the hot headed US Marshall, lots of fun
  • The Good Wife – A wife of a jailed State Prosecutor joins a law firm as a junior associate so that she can provide for her family while dealing with her husband’s scandal, a surprisingly good show, this one was unexpected

Whats Started Now:

  • Eureka – The show is back on at last, I can’t wait
  • Warehosue 13 – Season 2 has just begun and its looking good
  • True Blood – I haven’t watched it yet, but I keep reading good reviews so I’m going to watch all the episodes one shot next week
  • Royal Pains – The great summer show is back and its just as good, Hank is back