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Sony Dash

There was some buzz about the Sony Dash, but unlucky for Sony they released this little product at the same time they launch the Apple iPad. Its a media delivery device which concentrates on connectivity and information, everything you can do with a laptop or an iPad but simplified and cheaper at $200. To me it looks like a night stand device with a lots of information and different applications running on the screen. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, email and weather to stream it onto the device for your viewing pleasure.

There is always going to be comparisons with the iPad, but this isn’t an iPad and isn’t meant to serve the same reasons. Keeping in mind that this little guy has over 1000 applications to choose from, some a little bit more annoying to setup then the others, and this isn’t like choose applications from Apple but still 1000 isn’t a small number. You can have your GMail viewer or your Twitter account, as well as other more complex widgets. Its not meant to be portable as it is wired for power, but connects to the internet via wifi and had a USB connection. For $200 it looks like a cool night stand alarm replacement which keeps streaming data, its not for everyone but if your a technophile then you would appreciate it.

Link: Luxist